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Just got back from a trip to Italy photographing luxury hotels in scenic town of Sorrento.

Sorrento is a magical town overlooking the still-active volcano of Vesuvius -yes the one which enveloped the city of Pompeii in 79 AD.

The hotels I was assigned photograph had stunning views over the Bay of Naples. The Bel Air, in particular, which clings precariously to the cliff-edge over five floors (you can see the raw stone in some of the labyrinthine passages) has a pool to die for, jutting out with unashamed opulence over the Mediterranean. Inside, the rococo furniture is offset by 21st century technology and outstanding service.

In total, I had four hotels to photograph and generally the weather wasn’t kind - a mixture of haze and rain. However, six o'clock starts meant that mostly I got the early morning sun before the clouds set in.

People often think hotel photography is one long jaunt and that hotel photographers are on permanent vacation. In fact, it is pretty hard work (no violins required) but also incredibly rewarding and after a trip like this I am reminded how lucky I am to make my living as a hotel photographer.

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By Stephen Hyde

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